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There’s a lot to manage  when you’re in the NDIS.
Luckily, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

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At FNQ Plan Management, I care about you, your goals and aspirations. I know that navigating through the NDIS can be confusing and time consuming.
I am here to take away the stress. This includes submitting claims to the NDIS portal, paying your invoices, keeping you informed and assisting with any NDIS related issues.  I understand my service needs to meet your needs, so I adapt to what you want.  Let me know how I can help.


Dedicated Service - Plan Management is the only service I offer and I am not affiliated with any other organisation. My advice is honest, transparent and truly independent - I work for you!

Local - Owned and based on the Atherton Tablelands, servicing Far North Queensland. I am proud to be part of your community.

Personalised - Participant numbers are capped to ensure high service standards. When you call or email you deal directly with me.


NDIS Expert and CPA Accountant - Confused about budgets and line items? Not sure what you can claim under your plan? I will help you navigate the rules and maximise your plan’s potential.  

Up to Date Budget Tracking - Budget balances are automatically updated once invoices are paid, so you will always know how much you have spent and how much is left in your budget. You can view your budget at any time via our app, or by getting in touch.  

Prompt Payment - The majority of invoices are paid within 3 business days of receipt, ensuring your budget is up to date, your service providers are paid promptly and there’s less hassle for you.


Freedom of Choice - you choose the support you want from any service provider (not just NDIS Registered providers). I join your team - working with you and your support network whilst you stay firmly in control.

Safe and Secure - Your private information is always secure. I check for unusual spending and touch base periodically to ensure everything is going smoothly.

No Cost to You - There is no out of pocket cost to you. The fees are covered by the NDIS in addition to your support budget.

How it Works...

As your nominated Plan Manager, FNQ Plan Management will take on the responsibility of paying your supports and submitting claims to the NDIS portal.

To pay for your support you can simply choose one of the following options:               

  • Email your authorised invoices
  • Mail your signed invoices to FNQ Plan Management, PO Box 1254, Tolga Qld 4882
  • Set up a standing authorization for the service providers of your choice.

It is very simple. I will process authorised invoices within two business days and provide monthly statements so you know how you are tracking.

For added convenience FNQ Plan Management offer a live online portal so you can keep track of your NDIS budget anytime, anywhere. I also offer logons for your Support Coordinator (with your consent) so everyone on your team is working with the same information.

Upon sign up I will review your NDIS Plan in depth, gain an understanding of your goals and how you would like to use your plan. This is a great opportunity to ask me any questions you may have as well as for me to provide advice or ideas on ways to get the most out of your plan. Going forward I will touch base if any issues arise as well as periodically just to ensure everything is tracking well. Of course, you are welcome to contact me at any time during business hours.

Don’t stress about the NDIS.

FNQ Plan Management takes away the NDIS mental load and worry so you can focus on what matters and make the most of your plan.

WHo is Tamara Osborne

I’m an experienced CPA qualified accountant with local disability sector experience.

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Who pays my provider invoices?
Who checks I'm not over spending?
Can I track my budget live online?
Can I choose unregistered providers?
Plan Managed by FNQ Plan Management
I pay your invoices fast (typically 3-5 business days)
I take care of it
I give you full visibility over every funding move
Limited to functions on the NDIS portal
Limited to functions on the NDIS portal

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